The CUFSN is a student-run organization focused on providing a support network for Columbia Undergraduate and Graduate Students with families. By creating a platform for families to connect to one another, offer one another family-to-family peer support, and share resources, our goals are to:

  • Build a community for Columbia Students with families.
  • Create and serve as a centralized resource for families to communicate and disseminate information.
  • Voice the issues faced by Columbia Students and their family members.
  • Advocate for University-wide policies that will affect and improve the quality of life for Columbia Students and their family members.
Childcare resolution passed unanimously by CCSC and ESC!

Childcare resolution passed unanimously by all four undergraduate student councils!  This is a true moment of four-school unity - the resolution has now passed unanimously through GSSC, ESC, CCSC, and SGA.

By supporting student families, together, we affirm part of Columbia's identity. CUFSN looks forward to working with all four councils and the administrations of the four undergraduate schools to implement the stipend and backup-care resources.

View previous coverage by the Spectator for GSSC here and CCSC here.

GS Childcare Stipend Survey

In Nov/Dec 2013, CUFSN surveyed the student body of The School of General Studies (GS) (including the undergraduate program and the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program) regarding their views as to whether a childcare stipend and an emergency childcare service should be offered to student parents. The report summarizing the results of the GS childcare stipend survey is available here.