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University Apartment Housing (UAH)Required Documentation of Couples and/or Family Status

Documentation of couples’ status (marriage or domestic partnership) includes ONE of the following items:

•Documentation of marriage or domestic partnership.

•Joint mortgage or lease.

•Documentation showing, for a period of at least six months prior to the

application for housing, an actively used joint bank account, joint credit

account, or joint ownership of a motor vehicle.


•TWO items documenting that the applicant and his/her partner have resided together at the same address for a period of at least six months prior to the application for housing (such as drivers’ license, voters’ registration, utility bills, etc.). Documentation of family status includes one of the following:

    • Birth certificates.
    • Other documentation that dependent children reside with you.

Documentation must be translated into English and all translations must be notarized. You may use the services of Columbia University Translation Agency.

See this link for information on additional forms that are typically required when signing a rental agreement in New York City:

For more extensive information please consult the University Apartment Housing


Alternatively, GS students may also contact

Off-Campus Housing Assistance Office (OCHA)


Columbia’s Off-Campus Housing Assistance (OCHA) office assists Columbia students and affiliates in their search for rental housing in the metropolitan area. OCHA manages a database known as the Housing Registry which includes available rooms and apartments in non-Columbia-owned buildings and sublets of units in Columbia-managed housing.  Prospective roommates can also post and search profiles on this site. In addition, OCHA offers housing search counseling and is supported in these efforts by our cooperative relationships with two New York City real estate/relocation agencies

Citi-Habitats – Student Discount on Broker’s Fee

Bouchra Hourmati

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


465 Columbus Ave| New York, NY 10024

Office: 212.957.4100

Mobile: 917.355.8676

fax: 917.262.7960


Bouchra is one of the premier real estate agents at Citi-Habitats and has been in the Real Estate Business for several years. Located in the Upper West Side branch, Bouchra specializes in apartments located in the Upper West Side and Morning Side Heights neighborhoods, and has great relationships with the landlords in the area. Bouchra is also a parent so she is sensitive to housing needs for families. Because of CUFSN’s special relationship, members will receive a reduced broker’s fee of 12% instead of 15%. “Finding a new apartment and moving could be overwhelming and very stressful experience. With that said, I have great knowledge of the market and neighborhoods and have assisted many clients, including Columbia Students and employees, in securing a place in the city within their budget and area of interests”—Bouchra Hourmati

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