Cat’s Meows Lead Rescuers To 83-Year-Old Owner Who Fell Into Ravine

A black cat is being hailed as a hero after it helped rescuers find his 83-year-old owner who had fallen into a ravine.

Tamar Longmuir, 38, says she was informed of her missing neighbor by the woman’s friend on Saturday afternoon and immediately started searching her farm in Bodmin, Cornwall.

She was joined by other members of her family who live and work on the farm.

The searchers then noticed her cat, Piran, was sitting in the gate to one of the maize fields – meowing at them incessantly.

“The cat is very attached to her, and he was going back and forth in the gateway and meowing, so I decided to go and search the maize field,” Longmuir told Sky News.

While searching she heard a faint call for help.

According to Bodmin police, the woman had fallen approximately 70 feet down a very steep embankment, with incredibly difficult access and uneven terrain.

“She had gone through the barbed wire and was laying in the stream – we think she had been in there for hours,” Longmuir said.

She called local authorities for help.

“After about two hours she was carried up to safety and into the air ambulance,” Longmuir said. “Without the cat waiting at the gate to that field, it could have been hours later that I or anyone else would have checked in there.”

Bodmin Police said the woman is still currently receiving care, but is “in good spirits and is being well looked after”.

“Piran the cat saved the day!” the Bodmin Police wrote in a Facebook post.